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Hot water for tea. (there is now hot water for tea in the metal thermos on the food table)

Fruit for breakfast would be nice. Whole fruit like apples and bananas could be snacked on all day.

There were a few small rooms that some used to have semi-private breakout conversations. That was useful.

Rooms weren't necessarily sized well, the 1st session had lots of people in each session (like 20 in each) and the small room only fit about 10. If lots of people wanted to go to each of 3 sessions and there's 2 big rooms and 1 small one, one session should have been moved to another time.

good to have coffee, tea, bars, restaurants in walking distance. Little mall area was good, for regular stuff too like a screwdriver.

Good variety of hotels/prices close enough to the venue (and good transit).

Bad proximity to major airports. Inconvenient to fly into.

The swag was good, and not pushed on us, no marketing materials = nice!

Good to get to know people in the field, infobright and sqlite talks were done by good smart people, good workshops. The people here were peers and knew what they were doing so we can ask the tough questions.

Good speakers, good networking.

People seemed to want "softer" topics that applied to all databases.

Great venue, good size, split room was good too.

Post-it notes good.

More water & Healthier food please.

It felt a little overscheduled the first day. I would have liked to put some of the technical stuff on the second day, and spread out the hackathon into the first day.

The airport situation wasn't too bad. I liked Charlottesville.

Driving directions needed clarified. The driving information on the Travel Information page linked to 1235 W Main St, which I didn't realize until I was already lost somewhere in the bowels of Charlottesville. Also, would have been helpful to point out the stairs - I took the elevator and ended up in the parking garage.

It was a good day ! I learned a lot. Speakers were excellent. Food was good too. Well organized.

Could be a little more structured at time. Should have made it clear to all how and when to vote on the proposals.

A talk or 3 the first night might have been nice; many conversations were started based on things that came up during the talks.

Rooms got very cold on Saturday

I agree with the fresh fruit, also fresh veggies. Healthier snacks than chips & soda. :) Also, have a chunk of time the night before or early in the morning for the speakers to test laptops w/ the projectors. One talk was cut short by 15 minutes due to technical difficulties. Overall VERY well run. Thanks to everyone, especially Baron!

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